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Welcome to our 925 sterling silver jewelry store!

By definition, sterling silver jewelry contains 92.5% of pure silver and 7.5% of copper or other alloy. Its hallmark is .925 and will commonly be located on a bracelet or necklace clasp, the inside of a ring band or the backside of an earring. Like gold, sterling silver is a precious metal and can last for a lifetime with the proper care.

When you think about sterling silver jewelry, you may think about its coloration. A warm finish gives it an appearance that mimics white gold, but is much less expensive. Compared to gold, sterling silver is much more reasonably priced and you will be getting a lot more flash for your cash. This makes sterling silver rings a very popular choice not only for casual wear, but also for sterling silver wedding sets.

All types of sterling silver jewelry are popular, but sterling silver rings remain one of the top choices. Whether its because your hands are always visible or you simply believe that bolder is better, sterling silver rings will provide you with a wider band and overall bolder presence at a fantastic price. The fact that you get more bold for your buck is not exclusive of sterling silver rings, but rather in all sterling silver jewelry.

We offer a broad selection of sterling silver jewelry: bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings, chains and more. All items at our shop are made of the highest quality sterling 925 silver.

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Most orders are shipped the same day! We try hard to serve you best!

Sterling Silver 3mm Turquoise Stud Earrings


Sterling Silver 2mm Wedding Band


Sterling Silver 4mm Black Onyx Stud Earrings


Black Velvet Ring Box


Sterling Silver 2mm Ball Stud Earrings


Sterling Silver 3mm Ball Stud Earrings


Sterling Silver Feathers Ring


Sterling Silver 1mm Cable Chain


Tiffany Inspired Sterling Silver Rope Knot Stud Earrings


Sterling Silver and Black and White Enamel 5mm Yin and Yang Stud Earrings


Sterling Silver 3mm Wedding Band


Connoisseurs Ultra Soft Sterling Silver Polishing Cloth


Sterling Silver 4mm Wedding Band


Sterling Silver 5mm Wedding Band


Sterling Silver 2mm Round CZ Stud Earrings


Black-Pink Necklace Box


Sterling Silver 2mm Round Stud Earrings with Black CZ


Sterling Silver 6mm Wedding Band


Tiffany Inspired Sterling Silver Script "j" Pendant


Sterling Silver 4mm Ball Stud Earrings


Tiffany Inspired Sterling Silver Script "e" Pendant